First Step

I began writing different stories since I was nine years old. At first, those were in comic strips forms (which, I shared with my classmates). As time went by, I also tried novel length stories — written in my mother tongue.

Before, never had I considered writing stories in English, but now I tried.

My first attempt in writing fiction using my second language is entitled, “Julianne,” posted on the pages of Creative Writing Now.

The Beginning

As a child, listening to stories had become my all time favorite hobby. I could still remember how popular the radio dramas were on those days. Listening to the voice actors/actresses and the kinds of sounds they produced were all amazing experience.

I couldn’t read yet, I was too young then. But it hadn’t become a hindrance for me to enjoy children’s comics and other stories from my elder siblings’ school books. Someone would read it for me, and I would listen. It went that way. I would ask someone to read it for me, until I had memorized the whole story and could pretend I was reading them myself.

Listening has become my foundation for writing stories. But I’m afraid I am not a good story teller. My mother is. Her life adventures are all fascinating, which I’ve heard before the stories from radio dramas or the comics or the books. I wish I could adapt her way of telling rich stories.

I’ll try my best.