Yes, I am a Writer!

To become a writer is almost like an illusion. It is somewhat an impossible dream. There comes a time when you think you’re already there, and suddenly you will realize there are still so many steps ahead of you to get there. It’s not easy. Yes, it’s a painful journey.

You write. You re-write. You edit. You revise. You polish. Then you repeat the process over and over again until you get published. That’s how the writer lives with his/her craft. It’s a curse, but it’s also a wonderful gift.

So how to become a writer? What defines a real writer? The answer is simple: Write and then consider yourself as a writer.

Being a writer is not measured by how many published pieces you have, or how much money and popularity you gain from it. Just write from the heart and enjoy writing, and the rest will follow gradually.

Yes, I am a writer.