Just Pencil & Paper 4: WARRIOR OF GOD

Be the Warrior of God!

Everyday, everyone faces different kinds of struggles in life. Anxiety and problems seem endless. This only proves that living on earth is a battle — a continuous war to fight in and to never surrender. It is a universal war that brings different enemies in different forms. Therefore it is practical for a person to make himself ready and alert.

Fight. Be a warrior.

In battling, one may not avoid to stumble down — but remember, trying and getting up from the ground are the most significant. The world is dark and it gets darker as time goes old. It gives only two options: one, to let darkness swallow life; or, two, battle on and find the way to the light.

It takes faith to seek for the light in a world surrounded with darkness. But that is exactly what the word “faith” connotes: to believe in an unperceivable.

Practice faith with action. That kind of force will defeat all the enemies of life. Lay down your confidence in the Lord, and believe He will extend your strength with His. The warrior of God is not “the unbreakable” and not gigantic with perceivable power. The warrior of God is weak in true nature, and yet, gets powerful by not losing hope and faith in Him.

Get up and be the warrior of God!


Author: LeeRainydusk

A writer. A dreamer.

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