Just Pencil and Paper 5: THE STATUETTE

The Winner

As the old saying teaches us, life is a competition. It is true, indeed, that each one of us keeps reaching for a certain goal. Every person is in the race, who, at the end wants to bring home the prize.

The Statuette Just Pencil and paper Rainydusk

However, by tending to look forward to hold something that gives proof that we are truly the winner, we are overlooking something. That is: Recognition is what makes a gold medal valuable, and therefore, to be recognized without a badge is equally honorable.

-Lee c”,)

*Congratulations to my favorite actors: Leonardo DiCaprio, Saoirse Ronan, and Sylvester Stallone for being nominated in Oscar’s (Academy Award) 2016.


Author: LeeRainydusk

A writer. A dreamer.

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