Antidote of Doubting

I’m a writer. It’s my core identity. I’ve inscribed it deep within my heart. But here comes Doubt. He is tough and hard – and a pro cheater!

Do you feel like a lost soul because of this culprit?

I do.

Or didn’t I?

Feeling lost – I’ve been there. And will surely be there if I wouldn’t find a solution to crush Doubt. I’m so down.


And then suddenly, I’m thrilled when I get to know that Positive Writer is hosting a free contest: WRITERS CRUSHING DOUBT.

I’m thrilled not primarily for the prize – but for knowing I am not alone! Because of CRUSHING DOUBT, I remember to look back to one of my previous posts. It’s a “doubt piece,” which also serves as my antidote against the curse of doubting.

Please read on…


Writing is what I think everyday — from the moment I wake up in the morning until before I fall asleep at night, or maybe even while I’m dreaming. It is a part of my life that can’t be taken away from my daily routine. Without it I’ll feel lifeless because for me it plays a big role in my life. Writing is like an oxygen. It breathes life in me.

This experience applies to almost everyone, if not all. An artist is one best example who suffers in such kind of situation all the time. A person who loves doing something can’t help but to think about that “something.” It keeps bothering the mind. But, how about taking it into action?

Thinking and dreaming are easy and wonderful, but the love for creating needs doing. The ability to craft “something” deserves a place more than just living inside the head. Make it…

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Looking Back to Move Forward – Entry 4

Old Tim and the Sky Lantern: A Glimpse

It’s March 2016, and that is to say, my short fantasy fiction is now 3 years old!

 Old Tim and the Sky Lantern has been first published by Independent Ink Magazine, and has been included in their Spring 2013 (Kindle) Issue along with other 4 chosen stories by different authors: (The Importance of Being Wilde by George Djuric; According to Their Needs by Lisa Metrikin; The Houseguest by Eric Sasson; and The Gift by Robert Thayer).

Among all my short stories, written in my second language (English), this is the only one which is not available to read online. That’s why I’ve posted a copy on Wattpad for anyone who might be interested to read it. Here’s Old Tim and the Sky Lantern!

*releasing a floating lantern*


Just Pencil and Paper 5: THE STATUETTE

The Winner

As the old saying teaches us, life is a competition. It is true, indeed, that each one of us keeps reaching for a certain goal. Every person is in the race, who, at the end wants to bring home the prize.

The Statuette Just Pencil and paper Rainydusk

However, by tending to look forward to hold something that gives proof that we are truly the winner, we are overlooking something. That is: Recognition is what makes a gold medal valuable, and therefore, to be recognized without a badge is equally honorable.

-Lee c”,)

*Congratulations to my favorite actors: Leonardo DiCaprio, Saoirse Ronan, and Sylvester Stallone for being nominated in Oscar’s (Academy Award) 2016.

Just Pencil & Paper 4: WARRIOR OF GOD

Be the Warrior of God!

Everyday, everyone faces different kinds of struggles in life. Anxiety and problems seem endless. This only proves that living on earth is a battle — a continuous war to fight in and to never surrender. It is a universal war that brings different enemies in different forms. Therefore it is practical for a person to make himself ready and alert.

Fight. Be a warrior.

In battling, one may not avoid to stumble down — but remember, trying and getting up from the ground are the most significant. The world is dark and it gets darker as time goes old. It gives only two options: one, to let darkness swallow life; or, two, battle on and find the way to the light.

It takes faith to seek for the light in a world surrounded with darkness. But that is exactly what the word “faith” connotes: to believe in an unperceivable.

Practice faith with action. That kind of force will defeat all the enemies of life. Lay down your confidence in the Lord, and believe He will extend your strength with His. The warrior of God is not “the unbreakable” and not gigantic with perceivable power. The warrior of God is weak in true nature, and yet, gets powerful by not losing hope and faith in Him.

Get up and be the warrior of God!

Just Pencil & Paper 1: THE GUITARIST

So, the image above is the first ever product of this new goal entry I’ll call, “Just Pencil and Paper,” where I aim to draw using without any other materials (no eraser, ruler…) but pencil and paper, and it has to be completed in less than or exactly 45 minutes.

What do you think? Do I pass this “NO ERASURE” challenge? Well, at least I’ve tried and, yes, I’ve done it!

What an achievement! *Five claps to myself*

^_^y Lee