Looking Back to Move Forward – Entry 3

HAPPY 2016, The Face Behind!

In welcoming the New Year, just want to have a glimpse of the past covers of my Watty novel, The Face Behind, that have added encouragement for me in the past year (or two) to write.

Hooray! Happy 1K Votes and 18.2K Reads as it approaches the first year anniversary of its completion this April. Thank God!

TFB covers_


Of Dreaming

The saddest part of reaching out for a dream is to be misunderstood. That’s why I practice listening closer to what my heart says and try to understand its beating. I’m tired of expecting others to understand that my battle is extraordinary and I need an extraordinary time to conquer it. I am alone with this, and so I have to be brave.

Looking Back to Move Forward – Entry 2

Writing is what I think everyday — from the moment I wake up in the morning until before I fall asleep at night, or maybe even while I’m dreaming. It is a part of my life that can’t be taken away from my daily routine. Without it I’ll feel lifeless because for me it plays a big role in my life. Writing is like an oxygen. It breathes life in me.

This experience applies to almost everyone, if not all. An artist is one best example who suffers in such kind of situation all the time. A person who loves doing something can’t help but to think about that “something.” It keeps bothering the mind. But, how about taking it into action?

Thinking and dreaming are easy and wonderful, but the love for creating needs doing. The ability to craft “something” deserves a place more than just living inside the head. Make it visible. It’s a talent that needs to be shown — to be seen, to be heard, and to be felt. But wait. I don’t have an audience. So what? All things begin from yourself. Having the liberty to express is all that matters.

I remember this writing community I’m in. The name is Simpleng Book Club (Sharing a Brighter Community). Each and every member treats each other like a family, and it is for all of us our cyber-home. By merely becoming a part of this cyber-family inspires and encourages me already in achieving my dreams, and I have this “want” to inspire and encourage them back. Since I love writing and have a thing for music, I’ve come up with the decision to create a theme song for us. With my little sister’s help, the song is made.

Simpleng Song – SBC Theme

The Message of the Song (English Translation – Verbatim)

Simpleng Song (Simple Song)

music and lyrics by: Lee and Alex

May talent ka (You have a talent)

‘Wag mahiya (Don’t be ashamed)

Ipakita mo iyan (Let it be seen)

You need to learn

That’s your concern

Join us and find out what you can earn.


Hindi pera o kasikatan (It’s not about money or fame)

Ang mahalaga (What matters most)

Sa pangarap mo (In achieving a dream)

May kasama ka (You have a company)


Be happy, don’t copy (*fun tagline synonymous to “No to Plagiarism”)

Sharing a Brighter Community

Be happy, don’t copy

Sa SBC we’re family (In SBC we’re family)


Sa S-B-C-! (In S-B-C!)

“Simpleng Song” is a little piece of composition I’ve designed with a wide purpose. To encourage not only those to whom it is addressed but also to all dreamers. It serves as a reminder, first and foremost, for myself to keep believing and to never be afraid to do and create my purpose.

Looking Back to Move Forward – Entry 1

Well, it’s rainy season in the Philippines, and I would like to claim the “rain” in it belongs to me — Rainydusk!

Maybe for that reason, and since this blog is mine alone (as expected, no audience) and is designed for mine alone (any volunteers to come along?), for the purpose to practice my liberty to say anything about myself, I’m going to write a series of entries I’ll call, “Looking Back to Move Forward.” But if ever — IF, in whatsoever accidental reason — you stumble upon here, I encourage you to visit the other site I moderate. The StorPpy Weblog Magazine. It’s a literary depot for the Tagalog (Filipino) or TagLish (Tagalog-English) short stories. So, if you’re into reading or writing short fiction in Tagalog, don’t hesitate to click the link.

Back to the topic…

Why do I blog in the first place? Of course, my prime purpose here is to practice writing. The other reason is to record anything about my activities related to writing. This blog is a journal I could open any time, anywhere, even without logging in to WordPress, as long as there is an available internet. So, that’s it!

Now, why “Looking Back to Move Forward?” Isn’t it a paradox or something against the bible? Pause, thinking… Nope! I’m a hundred percent sure I’m not doing anything against the scriptures. This has nothing to do with my religious faith and beliefs. This is personal. This is more of glimpsing at the good or happy things I’ve done in the past for writing — and not of what the bible preaches as to not looking back or returning to sins.

That’s clear. So, when shall I begin? Soon, and now getting ready for the next entry! It’s difficult to predict what lies in the future, but reminiscing the wonderful moments in the past is easy. To have something big in the future, one must first collect those little important things from the past.

Retrieving the good vibes…

Yes, I am a Writer!

To become a writer is almost like an illusion. It is somewhat an impossible dream. There comes a time when you think you’re already there, and suddenly you will realize there are still so many steps ahead of you to get there. It’s not easy. Yes, it’s a painful journey.

You write. You re-write. You edit. You revise. You polish. Then you repeat the process over and over again until you get published. That’s how the writer lives with his/her craft. It’s a curse, but it’s also a wonderful gift.

So how to become a writer? What defines a real writer? The answer is simple: Write and then consider yourself as a writer.

Being a writer is not measured by how many published pieces you have, or how much money and popularity you gain from it. Just write from the heart and enjoy writing, and the rest will follow gradually.

Yes, I am a writer.